Aviva Life & Pensions were the first Insurer in Ireland to add the Best Doctors® second medical opinion service to their life policies. If a policyholder or one of their immediate family members fell ill, they could have their diagnosis and treatment plan validated by some of the leading medical minds around the world. This gave policyholders confidence that the treatment they would receive was the best available and right for them.

This extra benefit has proved very successful and Aviva Life & Pensions, based on their experience to date, has decided to expand the scheme further with a new feature called “Overseas Treatment plan”.

Serious illnesses like cancer are very common and our country’s healthcare system is very advanced. But sometimes the very latest or leading treatment options are not available in Ireland. While many people would like to explore other options, the very high cost of treatment abroad makes it an unrealistic option for most.

Under the Plan, which can be added to any new regular life cover policy, the option of treatment abroad is covered and the plan will pay out pre-determined daily cash amounts if you are diagnosed with cancer or require neurosurgery.

There is a fixed charge of €12.50 per month per life insured for this cover.  Policyholder’s children are automatically included in the plan for no extra cost.

Best Doctors®, who until now provided confirmation of the diagnosis and the appropriateness of the treatment plans, will now recommend up to four centres in the USA or Europe where they believe the treatment could best be carried out.

The payment amounts are:

USA; €30,000 per day for the first seven days; €100 per day from day 8 to day 60 inclusive

Europe; €15,000 per day for the first seven days; €100 per day from day 8 to day 60 inclusive

It is important to stress that Overseas Treatment Plan is not a private health insurance plan and is not intended to replace private health care insurance.

Neither plan is intended to replace the services of the HSE. All policy owners are encouraged to share information with their own GP so that together they can decide on the best course of action.