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An attractive fixed return on your money

If you are looking for a suitable home for your money, the new Aviva Irl Fixed Medium Term Deposit Fund Issue 3 might be the right choice for you. It provides a fixed return of 30.96% gross2 at the end of a 61 month investment period. . This is made up of a 5.45% gross AER2,3 payable from the time you invest until 27 April 2017. It is available on certain single premium investments (see below for details).

How the fund works

The fund invests in a fixed rate deposit account with EBS Limited. The fund will earn a fixed rate of return of 5.45%4 gross AER from when you invest until 27 April 2017. Investments applied on 26 March 2012 will earn a fixed rate of return of 30.96% gross over the 61 month investment term (until 27 April 2017). Investments applied between 5 March 2012 and 25 March 2012 will earn slightly more than 30.96% gross. Investments applied after 26 March 2012 to the close of the offer will earn slightly less than 30.96% gross. At the end of this period, the value of the fund will be switched into an Aviva Cash Fund (subject to the terms applicable at that time) – this Aviva Cash fund will not guarantee any rate of return, and the Unit Price of this fund will not be guaranteed. You will then be able to switch the value of your investment into the wide range of Aviva funds available at the time.