With the continuing advance of the Covid-19 pandemic, people who have a life cover policy in force should be reassured to know that if they die of the Corona virus or indeed any other cause, their policy will pay out in full.

Make sure to continue to pay your premiums as usual so that the life cover does not lapse.

If your policy lapses and your health has changed, you may find it will be more expensive to replace the existing cover or you may indeed be refused cover.

Those with policies maturing in the coming months and who have a conversion option attached to the policy will still automatically be able to use that option to continue their life cover without any medical evidence and irrespective of their state of health at that time.

Life Cover [called Mortgage Protection] is required to be in place as a condition of mortgage approval for all lenders.

No matter if you are at the very outset of your mortgage journey and getting your facts together; you are in the process of applying for a mortgage and awaiting approval or if you have just been approved, you might wish to consider applying for and activating your life cover immediately.

We have noticed a recent spike in applications for life cover as people pre-empt challenging times ahead.

Their rationale is solid. If a person is diagnosed with an illness before their Life Cover Policy has commenced, it will potentially have an effect on what terms they will be offered once they have been medically underwritten.

Life Cover could be postponed; a higher premium payable might be imposed or the cover might be refused.

We encourage you to take early action to obtain the required life cover at standard rates and put yourself in the best position for securing your mortgage. You will also have the benefit of cover with immediate effect as soon as the policy begins.

Of course, if you are experiencing illness right now, we are on hand to provide the best advice and explore the best options for you.