These are extraordinary and challenging times. While Adelphi Financial Brokers has previously faced the most challenging of events and endured, we equally acknowledge that we have never seen a pandemic like this before. It is a national emergency and our response to it will be as strong as possible. We are in this crisis together. We will look after each other and come out the other side.

During our 20-year history as a firm, we have come through difficult economic times and market cycles. Experience has taught us this is the time for market expertise, level heads, prudent consideration and action, if required.

All sorts of questions arise at times like this.

For those with investments – how to react to a fall in the value of your portfolio and whether it is time to sell or to put cash to work. Markets continue to fluctuate and any decisions in relation to your investments will very much depend on your own personal needs and your tolerance for risk. We have a range of solutions for those seeking diversification and/or a reduction in risk. Investment options can include a multi asset approach or products with reduced capital exposure but linked to markets.

For those with Protection policies – It is important to maintain Life and/or Critical Illness Cover; Income Protection and Mortgage Protection policies in force as they may not be replaceable at present cost of, if your health has changed, at all. Irrespective of the current pandemic, people will still die, get sick, lose their jobs or retire. All will require help with making claims. Policies will mature and people will need advice and support to understand the options available and make sure they make the best decisions to suit their own particular circumstances and needs.

We are here for you and our team is working hard. Whether you are an experienced investor or a recent client, we are happy to answer any of your queries. It is a time for advice and objectivity.

In order to continue to be available to look after your needs, we have to make some temporary changes to our way of working in order to protect our staff, our customers and families. We no longer hold face to face meetings at our office or outside. Our office continues to operate as usual but some of us will be working remotely from home. We will still be contactable by all the usual means but it would be helpful if initial contact or queries was by email.

If you are worried, confused, undecided or just need a steer on what is happening, contact us. You are our valued client and we thank you for your business.