Becoming a parent will naturally cause you to revaluate your priorities and protecting your family will undoubtedly be top of this list. There are thousands of new parents in Ireland right now going through the same wonderful life changing experience as you are, with Ireland, currently in the midst of a Baby Boom, having one of the highest birth rates in the EU.

We all know how much our children depend on our support. This feeling of knowing they are provided for is one of the many joys of being a parent. Being in a position to give them all the love and attention they need as well as those little extras, like Birthday gifts and Christmas treats are what make their childhood so exciting and memorable.

Having a family is a wonderful thing, but there’s no doubt it’s also expensive. School fees, medical expenses, clothing, food, childcare are just a sample of the on-going expenditures parents will incur over a child’s life.

This topic is not something anyone likes to dwell on, but how would your family cope in financial terms, if you were to die suddenly? Not something any of us like to think about and fortunately for those of us in good health, this prospect is a distant thought. However, it is very important to protect your loved ones and provide them with the means and peace of mind of knowing that they can continue to meet future and on-going expenses and bills. Having adequate Life cover provisions in place can help your family cope financially with such a loss and ease the pressure of extra cash and monetary concerns.

Life Cover provides your dependents with a guaranteed lump sum payable should you die during the term of your policy. Premiums are paid to a Life Assurance provider throughout the term of your policy. With a decrease of up to 40% in the cost of Life Cover over the last decade, there is great value now available in the market, with these manageable monthly payments contributing towards securing your child’s future financial welfare.