We all have limited time and mental energy to do the things that matter most to us – being the best parent, spouse of friend; excelling in our career or just enjoying the things we love to do in life. We often don’t have the time or capacity to give to planning and managing our financial affairs.

We need money to do the things we want now and in the future such as shopping, moving house, holidays, early retirement and supporting our children with their education, wedding or possibly even a deposit for a house. We work ourselves and our resources hard in the hope that we will have the means to enjoy those things.

Will your income, savings, investments, pension, business investments and interests deliver the wherewithal to do the things you want to do? For most of us, the answer is ‘I don’t know!’

Naturally that doesn’t feel good. It’s frustrating that at the time when you need to make prudent and intelligent decisions around money, it can be difficult to gauge how your spending now and in the future is depleting your resources.

How will inflation, stock market volatility, debt, tax and negative equity all impact on your plans? When you seek advice, it tends to come in ‘bits and pieces’, with nobody pulling all of this together for you and making sense of your future.

Adelphi Financial Brokers uses a comprehensive personalised ‘life cashflow’ programme that pulls together all your current and future income, expenditure, assets and liabilities and projects out the likelihood of you meeting your expenditure commitments and goals.

When you get this clarity, you’ll find out if your finances are on track, putting you at ease, allowing you to focus more on what you do best and enjoy the now. If your current position is not sustainable or your desired future goals are not attainable you will be armed with vital information to alter course and achieve better outcomes. A personalised cashflow will help you understand how your financial decisions could impact your current and future life.