The economic downturn of recent years has affected most people and many are seeking answers to the following questions:

How confident am I that my financial plans will deliver? Am I aware of all financial options open to me today?

How important is it for me to exert control over my financial well being? How would my family replace my income if I had died yesterday?

Would my family comfortably survive financially upon my death? How will my income be generated if I cannot work?

Will employment or state benefits be adequate upon illness or injury? Do I have a reasonable emergency cash fund in place?

How much of my current income do I want if I retired today? Am I confident that my current pension provisions will be sufficient?

How aware am I of state pension benefits and how to qualify? Am I confident that my investments match my tolerance for risk?

Have I established my expectations from my investments? Am I conscious of bank security ratings for my money?

How often do I examine my savings deposit rates and terms? Have I easy access to information on lending rates and terms?

Am I confident my bank is being fully honest with me? Do I sometimes think I can do better than fund managers?

If you run your own business:

What implications exist for my business or directors, on my death? Who will inherit my business on death and does that suit everyone?

How long can my business afford to pay me if I cannot work? Can my business afford to pay my replacement and still pay me?

Who will take over any business debts while I recover? How will my business adapt if my health restricts my ability to work?

Are my directors/partners and family protected against business debts? Would I like to directly manage my own company pension fund?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions and need help, remember that at Adelphi Financial Brokers we advise, plan, guide and review your financial security, giving you financial confidence and control.