Five companies with the acronym PANDA, have the potential to dominate over the next decade. Each has one or more mega trends at their back which will help drive growth. Those mega-trends are, increasing use of digital payments, the introduction of autonomous vehicles, streaming/cord cutting, e-commerce and cloud computing growth

PayPal is the leader in digital payments with a strong presence in mobile payments. As society becomes more cashless and consumers switch to online services, PayPal stands to benefit by not only growing its active accounts but as the number of transactions those accounts are making increases.

Google, now Alphabet, will in future be more than just Google search, benefitting from autonomous vehicles because it owns Waymo, the leader in self-driving. Autonomous vehicles create another potential revenue stream for Alphabet. When you hop into a fully autonomous vehicle, you can work on your device; watch YouTube, use Google search, maps etc., without having to worry about watching the road. No matter where you are, you will have your eyes on a Google product/service more of the time, which means more advertising revenue. YouTube TV is gaining in popularity and Google Cloud is one of the largest players in the cloud infrastructure space.

Nvidia has a number of opportunities for future growth in the datacentre and autonomous vehicles spaces along with a strong position in gaming. Gaming is the largest segment, posting solid growth, but datacentre revenues grew 82% y/y. This growth should continue in the future because of the introduction of 5G and autonomous vehicles, creating a large increase in data from both autonomous vehicles and IoT devices.

Disney stands to benefit from the purchase of Fox when it will have a 60% ownership stake in Hulu, making them a big player in streaming. In 2019, Disney will start growing its own services while simultaneously weakening Netflix by pulling Disney content off Netflix.  The growth of Disney studio & parks has been strong and that should continue.

Amazon has by far the largest share [50%] of e-commerce sales and e-commerce still has huge potential for growth. Besides e-commerce, the biggest driver of profits for Amazon is Amazon Web Services.