Buffett doesn’t hedge his bets, should you?

May 8, 2018

Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letter is probably the most widely read dispatch in the business world. His insights, expressed with his trademark clarity and humour, are a bounty for investors. In […]

Investment needs Investors

December 19, 2017

At a recent conference in the International Conference Centre, Dublin, Arne Staal, Head of Multi-Asset Quant Strategies at Standard Life Investments, spoke about the increased use of data and technology […]

Year-end worries for Investors

November 27, 2017

November/December can see some of the biggest moves in markets and experts have some issues to be cautious about. The prospect of ‘no-deal’ Brexit is probably the biggest worry. We […]

What is ‘Euro Cost Averaging’?

August 1, 2017

Market timing is one of the biggest dilemmas faced by investors. Jumping in and out of markets on a regular basis not only requires constant monitoring of daily events but […]