Consumers sometimes are not clear about the value of financial advice, so here are a few thoughts on what you can expect to gain from seeking financial advice from a professional Financial Broker.

Consumers don’t want conflicted advice, they want advice and financial solutions that are based on their own specific goals and objectives, not those of the adviser. The independence of the advice giver is critical, advisers need to be able to seek out and provide the very best solution in the market for the client. The days of “force fitting” clients to the single product solution that is the only one available to a product seller are long gone. Financial brokers offer solutions that start and end with the client – their specific goals, their requirements and their specific circumstances.

Consumers want clear and transparent charging. Similar to any other product or service bought by consumers, they rightly want to know what it is costing them. Financial brokers will set out clearly how they will make a difference to the financial future of the client, and charge accordingly for this. Consumers can choose to pay for this through commission taken by the adviser from products, or by separate fees.

Financial advice is about lifetime relationships because financial advice is not a point in time transaction, it is a journey. It starts with the adviser identifying the desired financial outcomes of a client (the destination) and understanding the client’s current circumstances (the starting point). The adviser then puts in place the financial solutions (the vehicle) to help you achieve your objectives. But as with any journey, the minute that you set off, things change. Financial markets change, your circumstances change, maybe your objectives change. So, your financial adviser needs to travel on your financial journey with you. Unlike in your bank branch, your Financial Broker will be a consistent figure throughout this journey, continuing to guide you and redirect you as needed.

Financial advice was never more valuable. Can you afford not to get it from a Financial Broker?