Investing is all about choice, choosing the investments that are right for you as well as when, and when not to invest. In making the right choice for yourself, you should consider as many different options as possible. However, unless you are clear about what type of investment you are looking for, the more options you consider the more confusing it can become. That is why, at Adelphi Financial Brokers, we give you access to a wide range of investment products such as deposit accounts, structured products, bonds, unit trusts and funds.

These products cover all the major asset classes and are managed by some of the world’s leading asset managers. Each product is packaged to make it easy for you to understand what it has been designed to do. We believe that this broad range of investment options will meet your needs and give you the breadth of choice you are looking for. When it comes to investing there is no substitute for expert advice from an independent financial advisor whose insight and experience will prove invaluable to you.

You do not need to be a financial expert to grasp the main principles of investing. Even a basic understanding of what is involved will help you appreciate the effect of whatever decisions you might make. There are three basic building blocks to understanding the principles of investing.

Understanding the relationship between risk and reward is a key part of deciding what to invest in. All investments carry some degree of risk but as a general rule of thumb; the higher the potential return, the higher the risk.

Diversification is all about spreading your risk; not putting all your eggs in one basket. To get real diversification you should be invested in different types of investments or different asset classes.

To understand your own appetite for risk you need to know, how long you will invest for; how well you understand investments and how comfortable or otherwise,  you feel about sharp falls or rises in your investments.