The purpose of a Financial Review is to review your current financial arrangements and to analyse your other financial needs both now and in the future. You normally can expect to receive a full report about your present situation together with recommendations about what changes you can make to improve your situation. These reviews are totally confidential, free of charge and without obligation to purchase anything.

Your Free Financial Report will usually contain the following information:

  • Your existing financial arrangements – a summary of your current financial position as regards income and expenditure and cost of living
  • Analysis of your Financial needs – shows what your income would need to be in a variety of circumstances – to meet the demands of daily living expenses
  • Mortgage and loans summary including options to release equity from your home via a re-mortgage.
  • Recommendations – recommends actions you can take based on the findings of the  report
  • Actions agreed – Outlines the actions you agreed to consider during the meeting
  • Next review – suggests a date for a follow up or next annual financial review to ensure that you allow for any changes in your circumstances

A financial review can highlight any shortfalls you may have in providing for your family’s present and future needs.

It can suggest ways to improve your overall financial status and give you targets to set yourself to make sure your family are provided for in the future due to any unforeseen circumstances.

People experiencing a reduction in their earnings due to illness or loss of their job and who are finding it hard to cope with the high cost of living will benefit from this review as will those who receive a windfall such as an inheritance or lottery win.

A Free Financial Review will help by identifying where you can save money by restructuring your present financial and insurance arrangements.

As there is no obligation involved it is essential that everyone should have a review on a regular basis to ensure peace of mind and financial awareness. Adelphi Financial Brokers offers a free no-obligation financial review service.