Being diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness can be worrying and have devastating consequences. Getting a second opinion from a medical specialist regarded as best in their field of medicine will substantially allay fears as well as reducing the risk of misdiagnosis. People with important decision to make about their health, or their family’s health, are likely to have many questions:

• Is my diagnosis right?

• Is my medication right for my condition?

• Is surgery my best option?

• What is the best treatment?

Or they might be undergoing treatment, but their condition is not improving.

Best Doctors can help, by providing access to some of the best minds in medicine to help members get the right answers about their medical condition, diagnosis and treatment – so they have the support they need to make good medical decisions.  Best Doctors will identify a world-leading specialist who will undertake an in-depth review of the original medical documentation, ensuring their diagnosis is accurate and helping the member to understand the most appropriate treatment options available to them. Their Case Manager will discuss the findings of this review in detail with them and deliver the result in a report directly to their home.

Despite constant medical advances in knowledge and treatment, misdiagnoses continue to pose a significant risk. The statistics for Irish people who have used Best Doctors are:

•             17% of people have had their diagnosis changed

•             32% of people are recommended to have a change in their treatment plan

Best Doctors provides 24/7 access to a global network of specialist doctors who will review the patient’s notes and where appropriate offer, second opinions on diagnosis and treatment. The service also plays a vital role in reassuring patients that their symptoms and conditions are being fully explored in the light of the most up-to-date knowledge.

Best Doctors is only available in Ireland to protection customers of Aviva, their spouse/partner and children up to 18 (23 if in full time education).  Having access to the service could literally mean the difference between life and death so, when considering life, specified illness or income protection insurance it is good to know that this unique high value service is provided at no extra cost.