Do you have a site, planning permission or are you thinking of adding an extension to your house?

We have vast experience in the finance of build, renovation and extension projects – by leaving the professionals to look after the finance of your build you can ensure you time is well spent managing the construction of your new home

A self-build mortgage can be more complex than a straight property purchase. However, with our guidance, we will take you through this whole process from start to finish.

Compared to a normal residential mortgage where you receive the entire loan amount up front, a Self-Build Mortgage is where the mortgage is drawn down in a sequence of stages. In other words, you only get the amount necessary to complete works for a certain building stage. Only when this stage is complete, you receive the funds to complete the next stage.

With many build projects, on completion, the loan to value is strong which puts you in a better position in securing more favourable rates from lenders. We anticipate this and ensure the lender you run with will offer you the best rates for you situation.

We will advise on life and household insurance requirements and also how much you will be repaying as funds are released throughout the build.

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