We all aspire to lead a healthier, more active, more productive and happier lifestyle. Our goals will reflect our priorities such as dieting, exercising or resolving to be more organised.

Studies in the US show that 40% of Americans actually make New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately, only 8% actually stick to them and go on to achieve their goals.

When it comes to financial planning, people are very engaged at the beginning because they fear the consequences for their families of a death or serious illness or they have a lump sum awaiting a suitable home. Most people seek independent financial advice rather than investing time and energy in the continuous research and learning that comes with managing complicated financial products and running a financial plan. Unfortunately, once the plan has been agreed and arranged, many people just forget about their plan and do not build in a continuous review process.

Financial plans, no matter how skilfully constructed, will need to be reviewed and varied over their lifetime because over time your circumstances will change. Events will occur that will change your priorities. These include deaths, births and marriages, promotion or redundancy; windfalls and inheritances and changes in your health status.

New products will come to market offering better value, changes in regulation and taxation will impact your current arrangements, investment conditions will change.

For those reasons, make a New Year’s Resolution now to get an independent financial review of your current financial plans.